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Hydrocodone, suspected cocaine seized from Jersey Shore woman’s home: TVRPD

Hydrocodone pills and suspected cocaine recently were seized from a female parolee’s apartment on Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore, the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police reported.

In an affidavit by TVRPD Officer Tyler Bierly, Jacqueline R. Brookens, 46, is accused of possessing controlled substances at her apartment in the 700 block of Allegheny Street, Jersey Shore, around 4:01 p.m. on June 2. 

Police said they were tipped off via phone by a confidential source on April 23.

The source said Brookens sold “different types of drugs” to various people and that “the exchanges are quick and occur right inside her door,” Bierly wrote.

On April 24, the source called again and said “there was to be a black male coming this morning to make a delivery to Brookens…[The source] stated that the male making the delivery doesn’t shut his vehicle off,” Bierly wrote.

On April 28, Brookens’ state parole agent asked Bierly to help him check in on her “due to having an unknown amount of people inside the house,” according to police. 

In Brookens’ bedroom closet, the parole agent found a zip-lock bag containing a fine white powder that field tested positive for cocaine, Bierly said.

The parole agent also reportedly found a small amount of marijuana in a bag and a glass smoking device beside Brookens’ bed. For that incident, she was charged with one ungraded misdemeanor count each of possession of drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana.

The confidential source called again on May 22 and said “things are getting bad inside the residence,” Bierly wrote. “He said that he stops by and hangs out and has observed them rolling on the carpet and doing strange things while they are whacked out.”

The source also gave detailed information about a male who sells “coke and crack” to Brookens, Bierly said.

On June 2, Bierly and other officers were doing surveillance on Brookens’ apartment when they saw an older white male arrive in a black Kia Sportage and spend approximately 15 minutes inside her apartment.

“The short time period is consistent with a drug transaction that would commonly occur,” Bierly wrote.

After the man left Brookens’ apartment, police tailed his vehicle and stopped him. 

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